Uber Soccer USA offers a wide variety of soccer balls to its customers. Use this guide to understand which soccer ball is the best ball for you!

Indoor Felt Balls

If you need a ball for indoor turf or hardwood surface use, then our Indoor Felt balls are for you. The field in most indoor soccer arenas have an artificial turf floor but may also be played on hardwood basketball courts in some collegiate intermural games. For soccer matches taking place in one of these indoor facilities, the use of an indoor ball is highly recommended and often required. Indoor soccer balls have the same configurations as outdoor balls but are made to have less rebound to better suit the tight conditions of playing indoors and play off the walls.

Our indoor balls are made of a felt fabric allowing for more control on smooth surfaces making them great for both indoor turf fields or hardwood gym floors. Our indoor balls feature bright colors and the soft material makes for less rebound causing less bounce when playing indoors and off walls. The balls have 32 individual panels which are handstitched and made of high quality felt that won’t mark up your walls. The cushion design of these balls allows for a soft kick feel for virtually painless play.

  • Felt covering makes ball more controllable on smooth surfaces
  • Less rebound for less bounce when playing indoor and off walls
  • 32 individually hand-stitched panels; made of high quality felt that won’t mark your walls.
  • Has soft kick feel for virtually pain-free play

Note: Indoor felt balls are not suitable for play on streets or other rough surfaces.

Available Sizes: 3,4,5

Available Colors: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green



If you’re purchasing a ball for use on a hardcourt indoor surface, then you should go with our Futsal Balls. Unlike other forms of indoor soccer, futsal is played on a hard-court surface with lined boundaries; walls or boards are not used. Futsal balls differ from typical soccer balls in that they are smaller and consist of a bladder filled with foam or latex making them heavier which results in less bounce for use on hard surfaces. The surface, ball, and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. Therefore, it is important to play with the right ball.

Our futsal balls are specially designed to take your futsal game to new levels. Made to withstand the demand of playing on a hard surface the 1.2mm high-performance synthetic leather casing upholds to official FIFA Futsal standards and provides maximum durability and excellent abrasion resistance. Uber futsal balls feature a low-rebound, latex stuffed bladder for increased power and control on hard surfaces. All our futsal balls have 32 handstitched panels and have been laminated so that they are soft to the touch.

  • Special low-bounce latex bladder (conforms to FIFA Futsal specs)
  • 32 Hand-stitched panels; 4 Layer polycotton laminated; 1.4mm Thick high-quality Korean PU (high-performance synthetic leather)
  • Develops skills - fast reflexes, alertness, pin-point passing
  • Top-quality Futsal (indoor soccer ball) suitable for tournament training and game play

Available Sizes: 3,4

Colors: Glossy Brazilian National Colors, Matte Green, and Gold, Gloss Navy Blue, and Orange


Match Balls

Our Thermofused Match balls are our highest quality ball. If you’re purchasing a ball for use in a regular match, then you should go with our Match Ball. Match play soccer balls are designed for use in sanctioned soccer matches. They typically cost more than practice balls due to their high-quality construction and match approved specifications. These are high-performance balls designed to suit all levels of play and all age groups. They conform to official size, weight, and shape regulations. The materials for these balls have been developed for their true flight performance, reliability, and ultimate control.

Uber Soccer USA Match play soccer balls are our highest quality balls and are suitable for match play up to the highest level. Our Match Balls are constructed from 32 hand-stitched panels, a 4 layer Thermofused polycotton lamination, 1.4mm thick Korean PU (high-performance synthetic leather), and latex bladder; conforming to all FIFA match ball specifications. The soft touch material responds to your feet for the highest control and accuracy while passing and shooting. The high-tech super bladder featured in this ball guarantees air retention throughout the course of multiple games.

  • 32 Hand-stitched panels; 4 Thermofused poly cotton layers; 1.4mm Thick high-quality Korean PU (high-performance synthetic leather)
  • NEW Ultra Durable Latex Bladder - After much feedback on our original Match Ball, we've revised the bladder in our new Thermofusion Match Ball. This new Latex bladder is can stand up to the hardest kicks again and again without losing air.
  • 440gms (conforms to all FIFA match ball specifications)
  • Suitable for soccer matches up to the very highest level

Sizes: 3,4,5

Colors: White with Black and Gold


Trainer Balls

If you’re purchasing a ball for practice or training you should pick our Trainer Ball. Trainer balls are built to be extraordinarily durable and resistant to wear and tear during soccer practices. They typically cost less than match balls because they are not as easy to control, but they are extremely long lasting and designed to take a beating. They can be used on several types of fields and are suitable for all age and skill levels.

Our high-quality trainer ball is fantastic for perfecting your game. The durable hand stitching and soft touch response allow for accurate and controlled handling while practicing your latest moves. Constructed from a polyurethane/PVC blend, a high-quality combination of synthetic leather, and a three-layer polycotton laminated panel, this ball will stand the test of time no matter how hard you practice. The ball weighs 420 grams and conforms to FIFA weight specifications. This ball is ideal for your junior practice, social soccer practice, or practice games.

  • polyurethane/PVC
  • Hi-tech super bladder
  • 32 hand stitched panels; 3 layer polycotton laminated panel; PU/PVC - A combination of synthetic leather
  • Weight is 420 grams - Conforms to FIFA weight specification
  • Ideal for junior practice, social soccer practice, or practice games

Sizes: 3, 4, 5

Colors: White with Blue and Silver


Street Balls

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty ball for use outside away from the soccer field, then our Street Ball is the right choice for you. Street soccer balls are specifically designed to withstand the demands of playing on gravel or concrete. Street balls have a stronger grip compared to regular soccer balls; this is aided by the rubberized materials that make up the ball and allow it to withstand the test of the harshest environments.

Our street balls are perfect for taking your game off the field and into the street. These ultra-durable balls are made of 100% vulcanized rubber, making them suitable for play in all conditions. Our Street Balls feature a tire tread texture for extra grip, allowing for handling on rough surfaces. There is no tougher soccer ball out there suitable for kicking around on the toughest terrains. Great for use on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel. This ball is ideal for practicing in neighborhood streets or school playgrounds.

  • 100% rubber
  • Vulcanized rubber with tire tread texture for extra grip
  • Toughest ball for use on toughest terrains
  • Use on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel.


Color: Black with white and gold


Vintage Ball

If you’re interested in a ball to start or continue your sports memorabilia collection, then our Vintage Soccer Ball is the right choice for you. Our vintage ball is a replica of the 1930 World Cup ‘Player’s’ Ball used in the first half of the match between Argentina and Uruguay. The two competing teams could not agree on which ball would be used during the match; the Argentine twelve panel ‘Player’s’ model or the Uruguay ‘T-Shape’ model. They compromised by agreeing to play with the Argentine ‘Player’s’ during the first half and the Uruguay ‘T-Shape’ during the second half. The balls may have played a critical role in the outcome of the game. Going into the half Argentina led 2-1, however, using their own ball, Uruguay surged back with three goals in the second half, ultimately winning the match 4-2. This classic ball will look fantastic in your showroom and make for an excellent conversation piece.

  • Vintage match soccer ball size 5
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Replica of the 1930 World Cup 12 panel Argentine Player’s ball
  • Expertly hand-stitched in fair trade conditions
  • Ideal for soccer enthusiast as a showpiece or collectible

Note: Vintage ball is recommended for display use only


Mini Ball

If you have a young child interested in playing soccer, our mini skills ball is perfect. Our mini ball is a size one and great for beginners and young children just getting into the sport. The small size of this ball is fantastic for toddlers and small children to begin learning the game and start practicing their ball control. The ball also makes for a terrific gift.

This mini ball is made of top quality PU, a high-performance synthetic leather and is laminated with 3 layers of polycotton. This 32-panel Uber Soccer Skills Mini ball is expertly hand stitched in fair trade conditions.

  • Mini Soccer Ball-Size 1 (Ages 3 and younger)
  • Made of high-quality polyurethane
  • 32 handstitched panels; synthetic leather
  • Great gift idea for a young child who wants to play soccer
  • Perfect for skills training, ball control, and recreational use


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