Uber Soccer Training Mannequins

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Uber Soccer USA Club Free-Kick Mannequins will make the perfect addition to your training arsenal. The mannequins can be used for passing, shooting, and dribbling as well as many other uses and will help players perfect their skills and take their game to the next level. Mannequins can be set up for athletes to practice dribbling around or to test fake-out moves on. Line several mannequins up and have players take turns dribbling the ball while weaving in and out of the dummies. Simulate free kick drills by placing mannequins side-by-side as a defensive wall. Mannequins can also be used for target practice. Place a mannequin in the goal to server as a goalkeeper and have players practice shooting around them. These are just a few of the endless possibilities of uses.

Our mannequins are available in four different varieties: small (4ft), medium (5ft), large (6ft), and large spring loaded (6ft with recoil springs). Mannequins are constructed from bright red PVC plastic making them highly visible on the field and feature molded chest panels. All our mannequins have a UV protective finish so you can be sure the bright colors won’t fade in the sun ensuring they always look new. The four-inch solid steel spikes at the base makes placing the mannequins in the ground an absolute breeze and you can feel confident that they will hold in place. You can also use the mannequins on indoor hardwood floors or any other hard surface by adding one of our weighted bases (sold separately). Perfect for soccer, football, Lacrosse, field hockey, and more. These are a fantastic training tool and are ideal for coaches, trainers, and sports teams.

  • Available in small (4ft), medium (5ft), large (6ft) and large spring loaded (6ft)
  • Bright red PVC tubular frame, hard plastic molded chest panel, UV protected
  • 4in ground spikes are solid steel to hold mannequin in place; Use on any hard surface by adding a weighted base (sold separately)
  • Great training tool for coaches, trainers, and teams
  • Learn to pass, shoot, and dribble
  • Please note weighted bases are sold separately



Fake out drills:

  • Lunge Fake
  • Spin out move
  • Step over

Dribbling Practice

  • Weave in and out of defenders
  • Set up wall of mannequins to simulate defenders during free kicks
  • Set mannequin up to act as the goalie to practice shooting

Shooting Drills


  • Set up a wall of mannequins to simulate defenders during free kicks
  • Set mannequin up to act as the goalie to practice shooting


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