Uber Soccer USA Agility Training Poles

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Uber Soccer USA agility poles are a fantastic training tool and need to be a part of your practices. When it comes to improving speed, footwork, and ball handling skills, these poles are hard to beat. Our training poles are specifically designed to improve agility and coordination using a variety of different drills.

Poles can be set up a multitude of ways and can be used by several athletes at the same. Set poles up spaced apart in straight lines so athletes can practice their ball handling skills while weaving in and out of poles. Poles can also be set up in two rows across from each other so that players can zig zag their way back and forth across the field while dribbling in and around the poles.

Agility poles can also be used without balls and can improve an athlete’s change of direction speed by having them make quick cuts as they run around poles and towards another. Poles can be used by players of all ages and skill levels. Place poles further apart for beginners who are still learning basics or place poles closer together for advanced athletes looking to sharpen their skills. Combine poles with our hurdles and cones to set up an obstacle course for your players.

We carry three different varieties of poles: standard (one solid piece 74in tall), two piece (74in pole screws apart for easier transport), and multi-piece (74in pole screws apart and comes with a detachable spring loaded base). The bottoms of all the poles have a solid steel ground spike to anchor and hold the pole ensuring the pole stays upright in turf, grass, and other soft surfaces.

The multi-piece poles feature a spring-loaded base for quick rebound for when the poles are hit during drills. All poles are 1 in diameter and come 12 poles to a set, half are bright neon orange and the other half are a bright neon yellow, allowing for high visibility out on the field no matter what time of day. Poles are made of a durable, lightweight, PVC plastic and stand at 6 feet tall when anchored into the ground. Each set also comes with a heavy-duty nylon carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

The Uber Soccer Agility poles are a perfect tool for setting up your own speed and agility training course. No matter which set you choose they are a great tool for athletes, coaches, and team sports.

  • Three different styles: standard (one solid piece 74in tall), two-piece (74in pole screws apart for easier transport), and multi-piece (74in pole screws apart and comes with a detachable spring loaded base)
  • 12 poles per set (6 orange, 6 yellow)
  • Heavy-duty nylon bag for easy storage and transport
  • Made of durable, lightweight, PVC
  • 4in solid steel spikes secure poles into the ground
  • Can be used on solid surfaces with the addition of weighted base (sold separately)
  • Great agility and speed training tool for athletes, coaches, and sports teams
  • Weighted base sold separately


Agility Pole Drills

Dribbling Drills

  • Line poles spaced apart in a straight line and weave in and out while dribbling
  • Place poles in two rows across from one another and zig-zag back and forth

Change of Direction and footwork Drills

  • Side shuffles- poles are diagonal of each other
  • Poles in a straight line cut in and out
  • Poles in line- run through from side to side – forward/backward


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